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Design Mentoring & Coaching

Get After It: $500 

Two, two hour private virtual sessions, held over two months. A more in depth look at your business structure + services and how implementing proven strategies can take your success and profit to the next level. Let's brainstorm, chat about marketing and social media strategies. Kati will share her experience and insights, as well as industry tips and tricks. From there we develop strategy specific to your business and put together a tangible action plan to achieve your goals. This action plan will help keep you on track and crushing your goals.

Hustle: $250 

A private two hour virtual session. We will discuss anything you like from general business + roadblocks to some of the key considerations in setting up a successful design business. Pick Kati's brain and find out what you need to know to get your project off the ground.

-Tools & Resource Guide
-Consultation Checklist 
-Price Strategy Guide 
-Goals & Action List Tracker 
-Install Day Tool Kit Check List 
-You're Choice of one template from the KCI Shop 
-Exclusive One-Time Discount on KCI Shop Templates


Thinking about launching your own decorating business but don't know where to start? Or perhaps you've already launched and have the deep desire to level up and polish your business? Kati is passionate about sharing her industry knowledge and can help you develop a plan specific to you and your goals. This service allows you to tap into her skills, experience, interior decorating know-how, as well as get marketing tips and tricks to produce a profitable business.


As an owner and principal decorator that is involved in the day-to-day operations of  an interior decorating business, Kati has experienced the struggles and successes of entrepreneurship. Building a firm on a trial-and-error basis, Kati learned how to avoid being overwhelmed, overworked and underpaid while trying to thrive in her passion. Sharing in detail what has worked for her and most importantly what to avoid; Kati gives you access to invaluable business knowledge, building on your skill set and allowing you to carve a clearer path to profitability. 

 READY TO BOOK? Select the Design Mentoring Service that’s Best for You
If you’re ready to level up your business, get answers to burning questions, pull together killer design packages, or if you’re just starting out and don’t know where to begin, Kati can guide you to build the business of your dreams by sharing her processes, strategies and systems she used to build and grow her successful design firm. Simply choose the package below that best fits your needs and
SCHEDULE an initial phone consult to discuss your business needs. 


Go Hard: $750

Three two hour virtual sessions, held over three months. This package is for the dedicated entrepreneur. Let’s map out your success by working on a business action plan. In the first call we’ll set in place a three month plan with achievable goals to work through. We’ll cover topics to suit your stage of business, like developing your brand identity, creating or auditing your website, pricing, possible packages structures, working with clients, ways to maximize your profit and putting in place templates and processes, to allow more time for the work you love most. Each month, we'll check in to see how you're progressing and to keep you on track to achieve your goals.


Kati has been extremely helpful and knowledgeable as I launched my Event Planning & Interior Design business. Not only does she give you the tools to be successful, but she also informs you about the lessons learned. During our sessions, she empowered me to take over the world with her encouragement and support. No matter what stage you are in as an entrepreneur, she's there to help guide you and make sure you thrive. Kati, thank you so much for helping me launch Erica's Events and Decor'.

-Erica A.-

It is so rare to find someone with such a wealth of knowledge so eager to share with others within this industry. Kati's eye for design is undeniable and is what attracted me to her as an interior decorator, however, during my mentor session it was clear that her talents reach far beyond décor, she truly has a gift of teaching others as well. The mentor session was very relaxed and I was provided with a WEALTH of information, such as templates, resources, and helpful tips. I was so impress by the level of organization and attention to detail that was put into developing the mentor session. Everything you could possibly think of to help assist in developing a foundation for your business was provided to you and she was more than willing to answer any questions you may have. I would most definitely recommend her services and I plan to not let my first session be my last. I admire her work and her leadership and she most definitely possesses all the qualities of a phenomenal mentor and I look forward to learning and taking advantage of more of her services in the future.

-Jamie R.-

I thoroughly enjoyed the Hustle mentor session provided by K Carter Interiors. Kati was very knowledgeable and approachable, and provided several resources that will impact my business overnight. I highly recommend her services and will definitely invest in a follow up session!

-Alicia H.-

Kati has been a true blessing to me and my business. Trying to build a brand without proper resources, guidance and leadership was the route I tried to take for many years. Knowing what I know now... I was missing a valuable link. Kati, her professionalism, compassionate heart and motivation is the link I was missing. Kati has guided, encouraged, motivated and provided the necessary tools I needed to build my business. I am forever grateful for Kati!

-Tracy H.-