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Installation Day Guide 

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Installing a project is one of the most exciting and rewarding parts of our job as designers. There was a period in my business that I was winging it on install day until one installation went completely left. It was this tough lesson that inspired this guide. This simple but excellent guide prepares you for design execution day. It's a great tool to reference when you’re feeling the pressure of install day. It addresses tasks and reminders up to 3 weeks prior.

As important as it is to launch each project with the right momentum, it's just as critical to close it in the same manner. Using my checklist as you near installation day will promote preparedness, minimal stress and ultimately a successful reveal day!

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3 week preparation list

Preparedness is key for a smooth installation. From checking off required contractors and reviewing project inventory, get ready with a three week count down covering all the bases for a successful day.  

Shipping and Recieving Guide 

One of the trickiest tasks a designer must handle is ensuring every single item ordered for a project is delivered from one place to another in one piece. Receive a quick guide on the multiple options to ship products for streamlined process.

Tool kit checklist 

Ever wondered what you need in your installation tool kit? This checklist has got you covered with each must have item for the big day.

Accessories Shopping Guide 

Behind every beautifully styled space is hours of shopping and styling to achieve the final look. This quick guide breaks down a successful process to follow for purchasing all of the details and decor prior to installation day.

"Kati has been extremely helpful and knowledgeable as I launched my Event Planning & Interior Design business. Not only does she give you the tools to be successful, but she also informs you about the lessons learned. During our sessions, she empowered me to take over the world with her encouragement and support. No matter what stage you are in as an entrepreneur, she's there to help guide you and make sure you thrive. Kati, thank you so much for helping me launch Erica's Events and Decor."

Erica a.

"As a long time creative business owner herself, Megan has been right where you are! Her heart is to take everything she has learned and to help you both navigate and flourish as a creative business!"

shay cochrane

"Working with Megan is always such a joy! She is one of the most organized speakers I have worked with - quick to respond, always over-delivering on the quality of work & incredibly open & honest with those in attendance. She provides challenging content, never holds back on what works & what doesn't work & I'd highly recommend adding her to your next conference - whether it be online or in person!!"

kat schmoyer

"Megan is a person who I would truly recommend for anything. I call her my "creative unicorn" because if there's a project that needs vision, styling, researching or vetting, she can rock it out. As an educator, she's the first to talk about the things everyone really wants to discuss but are too afraid to say. As a designer, she creates products that sell and are beautiful to boot."

laura foote

"Megan is the type of person who not only can inspire and encourage you, but can challenge you to take the next step with confidence. She's an incredible activator & able to execute on her vision quickly and with such skill. With each interaction Megan has the ability to build and strengthen relationships & highlight those in the industry with a voice needing to be shared. If you have the opportunity to work alongside her, know that you're in for a treat and to be wow'ed!

lauren carnes

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