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Design Process Flow Chart 

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Something as simple as this flow chart is needed to conduct a proper consultation. Securing the consultation and payment takes enough creativity, you shouldn't have to wing the actual appointment. 

That’s why I created a beautiful, customizable flow chart (Canva Format) that you use to guide you and your client through your design process with expected timelines. You can provide a copy in your client welcome folder or send off a digital copy to your clients with total excitement and confidence!

A clear overview and timeline of the different phases in your design process. Get this beautiful simplistic design process flow chart that makes the consultation run smoothly.  

*Fully brand customizable in Canva 

Get this beautiful simplistic design process flow chart that makes the consultation run smoothly!

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"Kati has been a true blessing to me and my business. Trying to build a brand without proper resources, guidance and leadership was the route I tried to take for many years. Knowing what I know now... I was missing a valuable link. Kati, her professionalism, compassionate heart and motivation is the link I was missing. Kati has guided, encouraged, motivated and provided the necessary tools I needed to build my business. I am forever grateful for Kati!"

Tracy H.

"As a long time creative business owner herself, Megan has been right where you are! Her heart is to take everything she has learned and to help you both navigate and flourish as a creative business!"

shay cochrane

"Working with Megan is always such a joy! She is one of the most organized speakers I have worked with - quick to respond, always over-delivering on the quality of work & incredibly open & honest with those in attendance. She provides challenging content, never holds back on what works & what doesn't work & I'd highly recommend adding her to your next conference - whether it be online or in person!!"

kat schmoyer

"Megan is a person who I would truly recommend for anything. I call her my "creative unicorn" because if there's a project that needs vision, styling, researching or vetting, she can rock it out. As an educator, she's the first to talk about the things everyone really wants to discuss but are too afraid to say. As a designer, she creates products that sell and are beautiful to boot."

laura foote

"Megan is the type of person who not only can inspire and encourage you, but can challenge you to take the next step with confidence. She's an incredible activator & able to execute on her vision quickly and with such skill. With each interaction Megan has the ability to build and strengthen relationships & highlight those in the industry with a voice needing to be shared. If you have the opportunity to work alongside her, know that you're in for a treat and to be wow'ed!

lauren carnes

the Design Process flow chart is for you if...

You need a great resource to guide you and your clients as you provide an overview of your design process during the in-home consultation.

You need a reminder for of all the important estimated timelines that need to be communicated to your clients for each phase.

You need a product that your clients can refer to during the design process of the different phases and timelines.





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