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April 26, 2020

Tools & Resources for your Design Business

It’s been a little over 3 weeks since I launched my online shop: K Carter Interiors Shop. Along with offering my mentor sessions, my free guide “Your Step by Step Guide to a Successful Design Business Launch” (subscribe on my website to receive it), my shop has been a long standing goal that I’m so excited to have finally accomplished. I shared a bit about my why for starting the shop on IG but figured I’d write a blog and also provide a better look in to each product I’m offering. After one of my amazing business mentor sessions “Hustle“, it left me with so much inspiration and good vibes to keep pushing to create services, products and content for all my baby designers out there. That session pushed me to the finish line of wrapping up a few tasks on my do it list and BOOM my shop was launched that same afternoon. It’s been a crazy, beautiful addition to my business and I’m so happy you all have access to it now.

My desire to have a shop stems from the struggles I experienced in the building stages of my business. It’s obviously no secret that this industry is tight lipped with their systems and processes. I had to create majority of my tools and resources to help me build a strong business foundation. As I scaled up other aspiring designers reached out needing advice and guidance. I have only come across a handful of designers offering accessible resources to attack the nuances of the business, marketing and workflow side of things. I vowed that if I ever had the chance to share what has helped me in my success that I would do so. I researched, learned and implemented with KCI and always envisioned creating a place where designers can have resources to help inspire, guide and empower themselves as they’re building. Also, it gives me the chance to reach designers with tools and resources that are more flexible and accessible for those not ready or financially able to register for my mentor sessions. I love being able to offer well-priced products that can help change businesses and give designers the tools that they might not be able to purchase elsewhere.

I have 3 products so far that will begin to lay the foundation of your business & I will continue to launch more tools and resources. My first product is 10 Essential Emails Responses which I created with the intention to ease the stress of answering most common design situations from design inquiry to design presentation, and project closure. It can be draining to draft the same response over and over or to try and search for previous emails that you responded with. Using these canned email templates to guide you and inspire you to create more templates by using this easy format. These templates will become your saving grace by helping you stay consistent and make better and quicker decisions to most client requests. Just sprinkle in your own personality to these templates and you’ll be prepared!

This next product is my favorite the Pricing Guide & Strategy. Its my favorite because this tool addresses what can be the biggest pain point for most designers; how much to charge and how to price your services. Along with having the right money mindset knowing how to determine an hourly rate, choose your pricing model, knowing project hours and knowing the “secret” behind building service packages is all covered in this tool. You learn the key elements of building your pricing model and how to feel confident in how and what you are charging. The main question I receive is how pricing should be determined. I learned throughout the years of running my design business that pricing low, blindly and with fear will not get any designer very far. I know because I was there and it was not fun. I eventually got to a point that I was over worked and underpaid because of my fear of charging what seemed like “too much” for my services. The moment I learned the pricing formula, I raised my prices with a bit of nervousness and prayer and my prayers were almost immediately answered with a booked client and then another. I want you to have the same confidence once you review and study this tool.

Installing a design is one the most exciting and rewarding parts of our job as designers therefore, I created my third product the Installation Day Checklist. This simple but excellent guide prepares you for design execution day. Its a great tool to reference when you’re feeling the pressure of install day. It addresses tasks and reminders up to 3 weeks prior. It’s likely that you will be doing most of the assembling and mounting, so there’s also a full tool kit list for the must have tools on install day. I even provide a link to my top choice tool case, also a must have for long standing organization and sustainability of your tools.

So there you have it! Many ladies have gotten their hands on my products and have already started implementing these tools and resources into their business. It brings me joy knowing that other designers are using my products to strengthen the foundation of their business as they walk into success. My hope is that I can reach as many of you to step in faith in your passion with these tools. Feel free to reach out if you have any questions. In the mean time, I’m excited to roll out my next product “Design Consultation Guide” and more products in the near future. Thank you for visiting K Carter Interiors Shop and Happy Shopping!!😘

Be Blessed Beauties,

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