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June 3, 2019

Garage Organization

How to Organize a Garage

My garage is organized and I’m finally getting myself together to share it with ya’ll. Being the last task of my spring cleaning list, I managed to tackle the garage before my office and filing system. I guess I couldn’t stand the mess more than I thought. At this point its all about getting it done in my book because Spring is almost out and Summer is almost in and I want to be able to enjoy it without thinking of all the to do’s! For our home, the garage has just been that place that houses all the random junk and it continued to pile up until I couldn’t take it any more. Let me tell you, we have cleaned and “organized” this garage so many times since moving in last November that I’ve lost count. Obviously our current situation wasn’t working, so I put my organization hat on and pulled the trigger on rectifiying the situation.

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Take a peek at the BEFORE.



Yea, you might be thinking this isn’t so bad but it was way worse. Remember I’ve tried cleaning and arranging this area a few times and nothing worked. There is no dramatic makeover with this one such as my closet, nope, just an inexpensive functional solution to resolve the slight mess.

Here’s the lovely work of Samantha from Simply Organized that inspired me!

We’re an outdoorsy family so we spend alot of our time in and out of the garage during the week. Both of my kids are ball players and with the season kicking off with a unorganized garage, it definintely made practice and game days more challenging. Every day was a frustrating search for gloves, cleats and bats. I already had an idea about the organizing layout of the garage. During the construction of our home, we imagined every detail of this space a billon times  – what new overly excited homeowner doesn’t! It was still very helpful to create a plan for me and Tommy to clearly see the layout. One of our main priorities was to get everything up and off the ground and into zones. That way there is no question as to the items home.


Garage Organization Tips


Follow these easy tips to make the process less overwhelming:

  1. Declutter, donate, sell, toss and relocate anything that you no longer want or doesn’t need to be stored in the garage
  2. Do an inventory of all the items you plan to keep and create categories
  3. Create a outline and plan of where all the category of items will be located
  4. Do your research on the best storage solutions for each category of items
  5. Execute your plan!!


Here’s the AFTER :

Organize Your Garage

These simple solutions are all the Carter House hold needed to get ourselves organized and functional in the sports and activity arena.  We still need to mount a peg board for tool storage, mount our snowboard and winter-gear and last but not least reveal our home gym because its finished!! Our gym gets all the neighborhood attention ha! All this solution took was a little time, purposeful planning and effort to execute the plan. We may have to add a few organizing elements here and there but overall the rail sysem and bins will work for us for many years to come.

Organizing Details:

  1. Rubbermaid FastTrack Garage 16-Piece Gray Steel Storage Rail System
  2. Bikehand Bike Floor Parking Rack Storage Stand Bicycle
  3. 12 Quart Stack & Pull Box, Clear, 6 Stack and Pull
  4. 30 Quart/28 Liter Ultra Latch Box, Clear with a White Lid and Black Latches, 6-Pack

Did you get inspired to get cleaned and organized in your garage? I sure hope so! I’m feeling a bit lighter on my feet because of our tidy space – one feeling I wouldn’t trade for the world! I’m almost finished with my spring cleaning challenge, last but not least is my office filling system.

Be Blessed,


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