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April 27, 2019

Small Closet Makeover w/ IKEA PAX Closet – Part 2 Buildout & Reveal

Its reveal time ya’ll but first, let’s start with the build out of our closet system! A few weeks ago I shared our design plans for our much needed closet makeover. This makeover is task one of three of my spring cleaning challenge for the carter household. I started off with our closet because it gave me the most anxiety and frustration daily. We’ve dreamed a lot about someday having a closet system in this home prior to moving in but we honestly didn’t know if we could afford it. Luckily, we scored big with affordability and functionality of the IKEA Pax closet system. As I mentioned, we wasted no time planning out our closet configuration, purchasing the parts and executing the installation. I took my generated code form the planner tool to IKEA, printed my design plan and checked out. Then we waited about two hours for them to pull all the parts. I was super grateful that pulling each part ourselves was not required – winning!

Parts galore!! The sight of all these boxes made my heart flutter and head ache at the same time.

I was super excited to rush home and begin installation. Building this closet system wasn’t difficult, just tedious, requiring patience and attention to detail. I’m usually good with attention to detail but there’s definitely a cap on how patient I can be with assembling something of this magnitude. Tommy’s personality is opposite, he takes his time, reads every line, examines every part and gets it right the first time, every time – God bless him for his diligence. I definitely relied on Tommy to lead the way on this install and I assisted where needed.


Our current closet was a complete headache with no function, no inspiration and no intention with placement of our clothing and accessories. It was hard to keep clothes organized on the wire shelves and I loathed getting dressed everyday. My shoes were buried under piles of clothes that I was uninspired to hang up. This space was the only place in our home that was a complete mess. To refresh your memory, here’s a view of the mess again.

Interior Design Stafford VA - K Carter Interiors Interior Design Stafford VA - K Carter Interiors

How to build a closet organizer

Once we brought each box up the many flights of steps, I began emptying my closet. The things you can find tucked and crammed in corners! Once the closet was cleared of all clothing and shoes, we started removing the wire shelves. It took us two days of pretty much non-stop labor to build each frame, drawer, installing the accessories trays, and features. There are definitely some learned lessons and I forgot to take pictures of how the closet looked with the frames installed and empty. Excitement had me staging and hanging clothing as each frame was completed.

Here are some tips to consider along the way:

  • Purge, declutter and empty your closet way before closet install begins. I did the opposite and it was a big out of control mess
  • Read the instructions carefully and follow them to the tee.
  • Build out your smallest frames first then work up to your larger frames
  • Determine if building the frames would be easier inside of your closet to avoid the struggle of fitting it through the door


I don’t think I can fully express my love for our completed closet. This was a labor of love but one that we would do over and over again to have the peace of mind that we do. It feels amazing to have organization, function and beauty all in one place. I now have only items that really fall in line with where I am in my life. I have a simplistic wardrobe, minimal handbags just big enough to hold the essentials and the right pair of shoes for every occasion & now they’re displayed perfectly. We were purposeful in designing our layout and cannot stress the ease of the PAX online storage planner. Read more about our design plan on Part One of our closet makeover.

How to organize clothes in closet

We don’t have a dresser in our bedroom and we don’t plan to purchase one so our system had to include plenty of drawers to hold everything that needs folding. With four deep and wide drawers on either side of the closet for his and hers, we have a drawer for undergarments & in others, we have active wear, pj’s, chill clothes and a basket for sandals. We also store our swim suits, scarfs, and coats (no coat closet in this house). I also added four shelves for shoe storage, a glass shelf to hold my perfumes and display my jewelry and accessories beneath it. No more fishing around in a clutch for these items.


I made the mistake of purging and decluttering our closet once we had installed the closet systems. As a frame was completed, I would begin hanging and sorting must have/keeps. There was so much stuff everywhere that after all the hard work that went into building the closet, I had no energy left to sort through all our things. Obviously, we made it happen but it was a struggle!

I selected a smaller pant rack so that I could hang dresses, sweaters, coats and store tall boots. I love the added storage the divider and pant rack unit provides. I’m sure you’ve noticed the black plastic hangers. We’ll be keeping them for a while but I can’t wait to upgrade to white non-slip hangers.

The tray with dividers is one of our favorite features. Tommy loves that he can come home, empty his pockets and know where to find everything the next morning when getting dressed.

There it is ya’ll – our closet in all its glory! It’s a small space but now it’s maximized in use. I loved this process and can’t believe the transformation. We’ve enjoyed this newly refreshed space for several weeks now and we’ve managed to keep everything clean and organized. This closet system has changed how we function during the morning, making everything easier and we are so so grateful. Feeling the high of knocking out our first spring challenge task, we then attacked our garage. The simple and inexpensive system we chose is already installed and ready for reveal! I shared an in-progress photo and inspiration on IG – check it out. I’m doing pretty good at sticking to my deadline of completing my spring challenge before our 9 year wedding anniversary. We’re down to two weeks until our trip and we’ve got one last task, tidying my office and cleaning up my filing cabinet. I can’t wait to share!

If you have plans for a small closet makeover or even to purge and declutter your closet, I’m hoping this transformation encourages you along the way!

Be Blessed,



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