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March 28, 2019

Small Closet Makeover with IKEA PAX Closet System – Part 1 Design Plan

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I’m back to share with you all our closet inspiration and design plan! As you all know, I wasted no time in creating a spring cleaning & organizing plan for the Carter household. If you follow me on Instagram or Facebook, then you’ve seen my excitement over my first completed task, the install of our closet system. We’ve only lived in our home four months and we didn’t imagine that we’d  complete this project so soon but we’re so extremely thrilled we did! I blasted the previous state of our closet with cringing shame on social media but our closet honestly looked like that 70% of the time – a total avoidance. It was all a hot mess and I’m not about denying my truth!

Once we decided on moving forward with the investment, we began our research on closet solutions and chose the IKEA Pax design, mainly for the affordable price and accessibility of the nearest store to pick up the products. There is an abundance of beautiful inspiration and major closet goals out there! I mainly spent my time on YouTube looking at Pax closet makeovers. Seeing the design in action was so helpful to me during the research phase. I focused my efforts on inspired ideas for storing my jewelry, perfume, shoes, bags, belts, etc. These accessories I feel have never had a permanent place in my past closets and I’ve always struggled to locate them. Given that, I love the Pax felt lined tray options, shelves, dividers & the glass front drawers.

Here’s the lovely closet from Money Can Buy Lipstick that inspired me!

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Then we visited IKEA to see these babies in person. I walked past the wardrobe area so many times before; the ultimate organizing dream for an organizer such as myself and never thought this would actually come true!  I was sold, my husband was sold and even the kids were sold, haha! We ALL wanted a makeover for our closets. Our closet is a cozy size at 5 x 9 and we needed every inch of the space maximized for full benefit.

Ways to Organize Your Closet

With the size of our closet and design in mind to fit our needs we began conceptualizing different configurations using the oh so simple and amazing PAX online storage planner. This tool was super easy to navigate after spending a few minutes playing with the functions. You plug in your closet dimensions, select the different frames, interior organizers and accessories and you’ve got your custom plan! It collects every item placed in the design concept in your cart with the total cost. I also love that the planner allows you to save multiple versions by providing you a generated code to come back to at a later date. I wanted a place for all of my accessories to be visible. My blouses, sweaters, coats, dresses would all be hung. Also a place for undergarments, pants and active wear to be folded. For Tommy, he needed very similar storage solutions so we decided on an identical setup minus the jewelry tray. 

How to Organize a Small Closet

Here’s a snapshot of our design plan. We decided on the taller 92 inch height frames for the entire closet. The back wall has two 39 inch frames (the left side being mine and the right side being his) and one 19 inch frame in between for us to share. I wanted space in my 39 inch frame to place boots and longer clothing on one side so I opted for a smaller pant rack.  On both side walls we added two 29 inch frames with four drawers with the top drawer being a glass front and three shelves for shoes 🙂 This frame also holds our accessory trays with a glass top shelf. All the way around I added a top shelf for sweaters and additional storage for out of season clothes.

Now for the super cringy before of my closet! This is the real real. As I mentioned in my previous blog post, I’ve tried many times in this space but I was tired of reorganizing every few weeks. These basic builder grade wire shelves were not it. We wasted no time after finalizing our design plan. We went in on a Tuesday to IKEA for visual perspective and that Thursday we were walking out of IKEA with a van load of parts and installing later that evening – can we say DETERMINED. We were so ready for a transformation and we made it happen!


My #sneakpeek revealed the clutter free, organized and functional beauty that is now my closet. I’ll be back with a full reveal soon! Let me know all your closet woes and if you’ve managed organization without a closet system, what is your solution/method – I’m all ears!

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