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March 21, 2019

Spring Cleaning and Organizing

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Happy Thursday and happy first days of spring! This is my favorite time of the year, ya’ll. If you know me well, you know I love to clean no matter where I am; cleaning up, tidying up, organizing whatever to please my cleaning and organizing soul! Here in the Carter household, we’re still slowly getting this house together. We basically sold or donated every piece of furniture we owned and started from scratch when we moved in November 2018. Not to mention, we purged a ton of other items that didn’t “spark joy“!  I’m obsessed with classifying items with this phrase after stumbling across Tidying Up with Marie Kondo on Netflex.  Marie’s show and book , The Life-Changing Magic of Tidying Up, teaches families the Japanese art of decluttering and organizing.

Although we started off with the bare minimum there are definitely certain areas in my home that have me feeling uninspired! So I figured why not set some goals and challenge myself to get cleaned and organized in those areas and take you all along with me as I set out to accomplish them. I also hope my challenge will inspire you to tackle any unorganized spaces that have you feeling anything but happy. My goal is to purge, clean, organize and have a fully functional space before me and the hubs 9 year wedding anniversary trip in mid-May!! That’s right, I have two months tops and ya’ll already know how quickly time flies. So let’s get on with revealing the spaces that need much of my love and attention!

Spring Cleaning List


First up, the master closet! Let’s just say its a complete hot mess in there. I wanted to clean it up a bit before taking a before photo but nope I’m showing ya’ll the real real. You would think as an organizer I would have found a temporary and cost effective solution to staying organized but this space really just did nothing for me. I was so turned off. I have refolded and organized this space by like items a few times but within the next two weeks it returns to the mess that it was. So here comes the point where I had to rationalize with myself  about whether a closet system is more important than dining chairs (yeah, we still don’t have dining chairs, ha!). It only took a minute to convince myself that a closet system is more worth it, simply for my sanity of getting ready every day. My hubs was on board as well as he cannot stand walking in to our messy over-flooded closet. So we’ve agreed that we’ll continue to use the metal chairs borrowed from our wonderful church and we’ll instead get our sanity back with a beautiful and functional closet. I’m really just excited to refresh my wardrobe and only place items that I love in this space. We’ve already started the process of building out our customized closet and I can’t wait to share with you.


My office filing system and drawers is the second hurdle. If you remember from my stories, I kicked off the new year with shredding and trashing a lot of paperwork and old bills. I finished up another stack sometime last week but now I’m ready to open my file cabinet and see a pretty and organized system. I’m already super happy with the bookshelf/filing cabinet I purchased and will just need to implement pretty filing folders, drawer organizers and create labels for EVERYTHING!


The garage is last on my list and not as much of a concern but it still needs some love! Softball and baseball season has kicked off and I refuse to step over or on top of one more glove, bat or bag. Not to mention that this is our first summer in the new house and I can only imagine the number of toys and pool items that we’ll acquire throughout the summer so a garage system is a must. I also haven’t forgotten about the reveal of our home gym. I mean honestly how can I forget, it takes up half of our garage! I really wanted to feel some type of way about it but I’m honestly loving it now and I use it often. My kids, my mom, sisters all have joined me for circuit workouts and zumba!! Its almost complete, just down to the last details so this is definitely on my list of reveals – YAY!

So there you have it, my challenge and plan for 2019 spring cleaning and organizing. I’ll create a three part blog series of each space, with the closet organization probably having more than one blog post because the process has been so surprisingly fun and less complicated than I thought it would be!!

Do you have any spaces in your home that need your re-dedication? Do you have a plan to tackle them this spring? I would love to hear them so share below!

Many Blessings,



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