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October 26, 2018

The journey begins…

IMG_0238Well, at last, here we are.  K Carter Interiors (KCI) is officially in the blogosphere!

After many failed attempts to start my blog (sadly there were many), I’ve finally taken the plunge! YES, I’m blogging and I’m super nervous about it. It gives me goosebumps and butterflies knowing that this will be published for all to read. While blogging may not be the current hot button, it’s a huge step for me in my business. I’m even considering YouTube in the near future. But simply put, this decision is way beyond what my introverted self could have ever imagined. I compare blogging to public speaking (so intimidating but something I would love to tackle in the future), but as I’ve grown in my passion, I wanted to do more to connect me with people while sharing what excites me every day. Also, with all the moving pieces in my life, I wanted a platform to document it all – so here I am making this thing happen. I’m just hoping to stay consistent, maintain a creative outlet for my brand and serve you all with fabulous design and organization inspiration. I get asked often how I began decorating, so my first entry is dedicated to an introduction of my journey in becoming an interior decorator.

My first experience and inspiration with design was my mom. I lived and breathed to help my mom decorate, organize and clean each season. I just recall loving the transformation of a space when it was complete. I remember sitting back with my mom on the stairs overlooking our freshly decorated living and dining room and feeling so accomplished. I also kept my bedrooms throughout my childhood amazingly clean and styled for my young age. Not to mention, I was my mom’s right-hand helper when she was a direct sales consultant for Home Interiors – does anyone remember this company?!? All the moms were selling these decorating accessories along with Avon back in the day. So naturally, being exposed to design and organization at such a young age, I’ve always carried the thought that the quality and feel of your home can influence, inspire and provide comfort.


Fast-forward to 2012, a point in my life when things were good but at the same time very stagnate. I had graduated two years earlier with a bachelor’s degree in psychology and dumped the idea of pursuing a career in that particular field. I was a stay at home mom with a husband on active duty and we were just settling into our new home in Virginia Beach. I struggled really hard with feeling like I wasn’t living for my purpose. All I could do was pray and soul search and it always led me back to interior decorating and organizing. As life has it, another two years rolled by before I took any action. My husband was now a veteran and we returned to our home town in Northern Virginia. I jumped back into the corporate world as an administrative analyst and the thought of doing what I loved especially while juggling my full-time career seemed ridiculously overwhelming. No matter how much I tried to ignore it, there was this constant tug for me to pursue my passion for design.

So the journey begins! I started with enrolling in my local community college in 2014 to complete an associates in interior design. I completed two semesters which taught me the fundamentals of design before I made the decision that another degree was not the route for me. Instead, I would pursue the interior decorator route with a professional certification. I was taking steps to pursue my design business but it two years for me to develop the business content simply because I kept talking myself out of it. I mean, God truly blessed me with a husband who’s entrepreneurial spirit would not let me quit; he encouraged and supported me the whole way and still does! He and I knocked out all of the administrative and operations side of the house and now it was time to get my feet wet. I began designing for family, friends and associates. My amazingly supportive mother in-law and sis in-law were my very first “clients” in 2016! This allowed me to develop a short portfolio of my work. I created an Instagram (also a scary move for me) but still held off on launching my business and website until I had booked projects outside of my family. My mother in-law referred me to a church friend, my sis in-law referred me to some of her friends, my best friend introduced me to her neighborhood friends and things just slowly took off from there. One of my favorite quotes and daily reminders is, “Take Action! An inch of movement will bring you closer to your goals than a mile of intention.” I asked God for his help in launching KCI so I needed to put in the work!


As I’m now approaching two years since the launch of KCI in January 2017, I’ve been designing part-time and working a full-time career, not to mention being present for my husband and kids. The growth of KCI has been a slow steady climb, and one that I’m so grateful and blessed to be making. I’ve remained faithful in consistently putting in hard work knowing that in the very near future my client list will spill over! However, I’ve taken a lot of hard hits and lessons learned which I plan to share in another post. You see, things haven’t been easy. There are days that I even question this path I’m on but then I get those sweet little reminders that this is my purpose and to trust in God to unfold it as He desires. I almost chose to not mention the years it took me to get here but while I’ve reread my post many times, it only shows the endurance and resilience that God’s placed over my life. Fear still cripples me from accomplishing many things but finding my way to pursue and start my business is not one of them (anymore)! It’s victories like this first blog post and much more that I’ve done to build my brand that I share with you in hopes that you pursue your passion relentlessly, share your skills and knowledge to anyone that is interested and mostly importantly appreciate your journey because God has something so great for each one of us!


I’m so thankful for my family and friends who have supported and encouraged me along the way. Without them a lot of what I have accomplished would have been more difficult to achieve. I’m also beyond grateful to my clients who allowed me into their homes to create beautiful, comforting spaces. I know I have so many cheerleaders rooting me on to be successful; #1 being my husband and kids– thank you GOD for this sweet blessing. This post is my first attempt at publicly forming my thoughts for my love of decorating and my journey to building my brand and I thank you for showing up to read it. Now for all of my dreamers – take the leap and trust the process!!!

“Let your faith be bigger than your fear” – Author unknown

Be Blessed,


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